BARMM to create Inter-Agency Task Force against COVID-19

COTABATO CITY: The Bangsamoro government, through the Office of the Chief Minister (OCM-BARMM), is set to create an Inter-Agency Task Force to provide policies and formulate practical measures to avoid spread of Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) in the BARMM.

BARMM Assistant Executive Secretary Abdullah Cusain said a memorandum creating the Inter-Agency Task Force will be released by the Office of the Executive Secretary to all the ministries and offices of the BARMM this week.

“For the Inter-Agency Task Force to mobilize, all ministries and offices shall have representation,” Cusain said.

While the BARMM remains COVID-19 free, Cusain said there is also a need to consider President Duterte’s Public Health Emergency declaration on the commemoration of the BARMM’s first year anniversary on March 29.

“We have to push through, but there might be some adjustment particularly on some events […] maybe we need to control the flock of the crowd,” Cusain said.

“The steering committee shall meet in the coming days to address this concern, “ he added.

Meanwhile, the BARMM’s Rapid Emergency Action on Disaster Incidence (READI-BARMM) held an orientation regarding recent updates on Corona Virus on Wednesday, March 11, in Cotabato City.

The said orientation and update is an effort to inform its team, as well as media practitioners, on the perils of COVID-19 and how the regional government can prepare for possibilities. (Bureau of Public Information)

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