What ‘s the logic in junking the VFA?


Highlighting VFA abrogation.

Coming to mind all damndest problems besting the Filipino over the decades of ‘missed opportunities’ beginning with the failed impeachment of Ferdinand E Marcos as president because of the botched plotting annexing Sabah by force, and now, the abrogation of the Visiting Forces Agreement.

Costing the country thousands and thousands innocent deaths, billions perhaps trillions of taxpayer money wasted because of the unending war in Mindanao, Ferdinand E Marcos, did all the severity of evil plunging the country in a war that is never to end.

Maybe it won’t be just as much to compare junking of the VFA, the Visiting Forces Agreement, between the country and America, which was mainly ‘training excercises’ between USA and the Philippines.

To say the least, ‘learning the art of war’ or our PH army to be getting used to more sophistication, get help ‘get used’ to wars without ending, like the Mindanao war. Or is it?

War after all, is profit-making for some individuals.

This is as much as our preoccupation in Marawi as the ‘war on terror’ spillovers.

The 9/11 terror war America started. And as impressive as we are so far away from the Middle East fracas, yet ISIS without so much effort, ruined to hilt our city #Marawi. So what’s amiss, and why?

Here’s what’s wrong, the ISIS assault on dry land, first for Southeast Asia -the attack on the Muslim city of #Marawj in May, 2017, the government call MAUTE, is multipronged.

First, this is the ‘global war on terror’ evidence from how it was fought bitterly by ISIS terrorists and the AFP for more than 5 months clearly tells we’re not prepared nor our PH army trained enough for ‘close quarter battle’.

Which means, we direly need help, by just understanding the kind of war we’re in, of course the terror war basically, is urban warfare. For as long as we can recall, our military trained largely on guerilla warfare battling local insurgency, not on urban warfare.

So, what is the logic behind the ‘junking’ of #VFA?

(Source: The Iranun Post)

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