Davao chamber believes govt can contain swine flu

DAVAO CITY: Reacting to the news about the discovery of swine flu infected pork in Davao Occidental, Davao City Chamber of Commerce President John Carlo Tria on Monday expressed confidence that government efforts to contain the infected pork will succeed.

“I believe the government agencies will do their best to contain Afrian Swine Fever (ASF) infected pork. What is more important moving forward is to discourage swill feeding, or pigs eating recycled food, which may contain ASF infected pork, the virus of which can survive processing and cooking,” he said.

On the matter of the reported bird flu outbreaks in China and Taiwan, Tria expressed hope that previous efforts that successfully contained previous outbreaks will succeed in preventing the further spread of these. “These have been dealt with before. With collective efforts we can beat these outbreaks again,” he explained. (PR)

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