Maranao leaders laud Marawi school as top 6 in int’l math Olympiad

November 6, 2019

MARAWI CITY: Maranao leaders are elated that a private school here has landed top 6 most outstanding school in the international math Olympic held recently saying despite the devastation of the city in the 2017 Marawi siege, education has not only been in the right track but also pushed as a challenge to provide quality education.

True to its reputation as a school of academic excellence providing quality education, Marawi-based Aba Alkhail Computer College Foundation Inc. (ACCFI), formerly known as Aba Alkhail Computer School (ACS), has also brought home several awards in the Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad (TIMO) held here.
ACCFI sent 53 participants. They won 5 gold, 31 silver and 8 bronze awards in the TIMO Philippine Region Heat Round. They are qualified to compete next year in Bangkok for the final international Heat Round.
The provincial government of Lanao del Sur headed by Governor Mamintal A. Adiong Jr. has lauded the ACCFI students for their achievement.

ACCFI president Karem Abduljabbar M. Indol said he received a call from the office of the provincial governor congratulating their students.
“The provincial government’s acknowledgment is boosting the students’ confidence to attend in such international events,” Indol said.
“Our children today might be thought of that because they are studying in Marawi City which suffered from the Siege of which it seemed we could hardly stand, they could not level up in our education,” he added.

“On the contrary, our children are striving hard for their education and they are at par with their peers in the country, and even internationally,” Indol said, adding that, “every school in our locality should also strive hard to provide quality education to our children.”
Traditional leader Suod Barodi, the Wato a Ulo (Stone Head) of Marawi, said, “This is one feather to our cap. Others must know we can match them in any level circumstances.”
Barodi, a former Regional Director for the Bangsamoro Region of Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), congratulated the students and expressed his best of luck when they finally attend the final heat to be held in Bangkok in April 2020.
ACCFI winners in the TIMO Heat Round for Philippine Region will compete in Bangkok next year for the Final International Heat Round.
Students of ACCFI who won in the Olympiad are:
Grade 10
Gold Awardees:
Jonainah S. Esmail
Cairanie Ombar
Silver Awardees:
Omar B. Berua
Raimah P. Sarip
Rasheda M. Hadji Latifh
Abdulmuqtadir B. Magarang
Ainah N. Laut
Gold Awardees:
Yassin Busar
Heldegonde Abdulwahab
Silver Awardees:
Ayman S. Tomawis
Jehani Ismael
Amerfaisal L. Mongcao
Silver Awardees:
Amira Shaliha T. Sultan
Mohammad Rajie Abduljabbar
Noralyn L. Adiong
Silver Awardees:
Princess Johara Rodi
Bronze Awardees:
Hamza Mimbantas
Alyanna Saromandang
Anna Fatimah Allyssah Asnawie
Silver Awardees:
Nasruddin Cabila
Mohammad Ryan P. Macasindil
Johaimah Mama
Bronze Awardee:
Hanan Malawad
Merit Awardees:
Reham Calauto
Norjehan Ala
Shahad Ariman
Sheik Rashid
Asia Baunto
Silver Awardees:
Moh’d Jamil Rodi
Moh’d Nur-hussien Salic
Bronze Awardee:
Habiyah Hosni
Merit Awardee:
Harith Malawad
Gold Awardee:
Prince Ivan Celaras
Silver Awardees:
Fathma Hanan Lantud
Moh’d Quossani Gamama
Lady Najeha Najib
Ammara Gauraki
Haniyanisah Asnawie
Moh’d Hisham Macapundag
Silver Awardees:
Jhaneeyah Ibrahim
Haya Malawad
Ahmad Sheik Rashid
Bronze Awardee:
Jahan Ara Muti
Merit Award:
Abdulhamid Bin Mahid
Silver Awardees:
Nashrul Yakeen Laut
Mohaira Mohaimen
Moh’d Ferdaussi Rodi
Silver Awardees:
Khanza Macasindil
Fatima Mahid
Waffah Alrayan
Bronze Awardee:
Sittie Wedad Calauto
Other awardees are:
Gold Awardee
Ana Feerozah E. Indol
Bronze Awardees:
Mummad Syafri E. Indol
Aniqa Zarqa Esmail Calandada


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