Abusive men in uniform should be punished immediately

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Thought for Today
By Mamasaranao Cabsaran

Left: Police arrested Islam torchbearers in Enrile, Cagayan with alleged planted evidence of illegal drug.

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In my own humble opinion and prognostic analysis with regards to the killings of innocent religious Muslims which are now happening everywhere in the country, it would be an indirect lesson for Muslim torchbearers to slow down their propagation and indoctrination.
Bad people might be taking too personal of biased observation on the rapid proliferation of Da’wah activities, that there were so many non-Muslims reverting and embracing the folds of Islam. 
We have to bear this in our minds, regardless of our faith and dogma, that history-wise, this country before was predominantly Muslims and ruled by the Sultanate of Sulu, but unfortunately, when the Spaniards conquistadores came, they conquered our homeland by spreading Catholicism or Christianity with the use of force and intimidation.
Unlike Islam, when the Arabian missionaries came, with Bornean Datus, they were just spreading the messages of the Almighty Creator (Allah), and also engaging in trading or exchanging of goods. 
Moreover, if Islam had been propagated without the use of coercive methods of propagating the true religion of God, so why, killing innocent religious propagators of Islam, as it can be seen and observed that Islamic religion is the fastest growing religion worldwide?
This country has the freedom of choosing what religion to embrace or practice, and whatever moves of the perpetrators to discourage other Filipino people of different tribes and of different beliefs and practices, that because of the inherent aptitude and intrinsic practices that everyone has the freedom of choice, then why to prevent people to join with other religion, when it is our right to choose what we think is the right religion of God, after all, our guidance is to search for truth in order for us to know, which of which is the right religion of God. 
The Muslim way of propagating Islam is a universal practice, that there is no compulsion in religion “La iqra ha fiddin”. The method of the propagators of Islam is more on informative approaches, nasa tao ang pasya, hindi sapilitan.
It is for the interest of all, Muslims and Christians and whatnot alike, if only we could prepare a manifesto from different Muslim tribes to ask our government to strengthen its policy of maintaining peace and order, that whoever from the government Men in uniform are involved in illegal practices must be automatically terminated in the service, applying due process of law.

(Mamasaranao Cabsaran is working as an executive assistant at the Office of the Presidential Assistant on Overseas Filipino Workers and Muslim Concerns headed by Secretary Abdullah D. Mama-o.)

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