Dilemma on the Marawi rehab

Dilemma on the Marawi rehab
By Mamasaranao Cabsaran

The dilemma in the on-going rehabilitation and reconstruction of the devastated and flattened preponderant parts of the commercial center, residential areas, Mosques, Madrasah and public/private schools of Marawi City is that, huge amount of donations, both coming from foreign and domestic donations/endowments remain in the process of stagnation and unaccounted at large. 

In my own personal observation, it was not made clear to the people of Marawi City and the Province of Lanao del Sur who are the recipients of the financial aids intended for the victims of the Marawi Siege; of how much all in all were received by who? And how many IDPs have received such amount of financial assistance and how does it distributed to the real recipients. 

(Mamasaranao Cabsaran is working as an executive assistant at the Office of the Presidential Assistant on Overseas Filipino Workers and Muslim Concerns headed by Secretary Abdullah D. Mama-o.)

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