For decades, many of us, especially the youth and the CSOs, have had been afforded with cool hotels and foods, not to mention fare allowances, to entertain or be entertained and enjoy in their meetings, seminars, training – whatever – all aimed for peace and development (kuno?).
Then suddenly there happened that Marawi Siege and Martial Law declared in an inkling so to say figuratively and that a certain part of Marawi had to be devastated as if intentionally.
Now homeowners are crying out loud in social media that they were not consulted in demolishing debris and flattening their property so that they could no longer identify where their property is located. Even the city government is reported as saying they weren’t informed too.
Our beloved poor Marawians! They still have that high hopes they would occupy again their homes. 
Their hatred is only whispered in silence. They couldn’t do otherwise. Or they will not do anything except to moan and cry in silence of the pains and sufferings inflicted upon them.
But who inflicted these sufferings upon them? Ah, maybe, the indoctrination in all these meetings in cool places, just maybe, could tell.

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