Hijra, Martyrdom, both happened in the Month of Muharram

As we are now commemorating the sad events of history associated with the month of Muharram either literally or figuratively, I think it is but proper to know two important events of Islamic history as far as Muharram is concerned: First, the philosophy behind the Hijrah or the migration of Prophet Mohammad (saw) and his followers and what were the factors surrounding it; and, second, why Hazrat Hussein (as) chose the path of martyrdom in the hands of Yazid and his army. 

Both sad events happened during Muharram.
In this regards, I wish to present in our next issue two articles written by renowned Muslim authors. First is “Hijrah: Migration for the Cause of Allah” which is taken from the book entitled: ‘Al Wala’ wa’l Bara’ authored by Muhammad Sa’eed Al Qahtani. It is one of the most important facets of discussion, since alliance and dissociation are always among the primary motivating factors of migration for the sake of Allah.

Second is “Hazrat Hussein and His Martyrdom” written by Allama Yusuf Ali, the famous English translator of the Holy Qur’an. Both, to me, connote new beginning: theydawned the strengthening and rekindling of the Islamic Faith among the Ummah. The Hijra marks the new era of the Muslim world while the martyrdom of Hazrat Hussen (as) taught us that killing a popular leader does not kill a principle and the light it illuminates. Instead, the more martyrdom rekindles its light far and wide.

And, perhaps, I can present a separate edition of Dr. Ali Shariati’s “Martyrdom, Arise and Bear Witness” which is very relevant in our today’s world.
So please watch. (Contiued next issue)

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