Buadipuso Buntong among Conditional Passers for 2018 Seal of Good Local Governance

Mayor Hayanisah “Noron” Dadayan speaks during the national validation for 2018 SGLG. RSP photo.

BUADIPUSO BUNTONG, Lanao del Sur: Municipal Mayor Hayanisah Noron Dadayan led the local government department heads and other officials of Buadipuso Buntong, Province of Lanao del Sur in welcoming officials from the Department of Interior and Local Governments (DILG) who conducted the 2018 Seal of Good Local Governance national validation held at the town’s municipal hall Monday. 
Buadipuso Buntong is among the top six municipalities of Lanao del Sur in the shortlist of the Department of Interior and Local Governments (DILG) to be validated to choose which will be awarded the prestigious 2018 Seal of Good Local Governance. 
Lanao del Sur provincial director McMillan Lucman of DILG-ARMM who was with officials from the DILG Central office said there are six municipalities in the province which have been included as conditional passers. 

They are Buadipuso Buntong, Calanogas, Kapatagan, Piagapo, Taraka, and Wao, he said. 
The final validation will determine who will receive the 2018 Seal of Good Local Governance, he added. 
Lucman said in the entire ARMM, there are 27 conditional passers. 
The award is given yearly by the DILG to Local Government Units (LGUs) in recognition of their accomplishment and performance for the year. 
In a briefing, MLGO enjoined all department heads to comply with all the documentary requirement and photo documents and “they will check our actual facilities and actual constructions (infrastructures), and that we are expected to give them our hospitality and welcome them.” 
DILG National officials Russell Adalla and Geneses Esquilona took the lead in conducting the validation process by interviewing each Buadiposo Buntong LGU department heads and other responsible officials. 
They checked all aspects of governance such as the financial administration, business permit, disaster preparedness, peace and order, drug clearing, environmental management, and social protection. 
The DILG national officials expressed congratulations to the Buadipuso Buntong local officials because out of 1,700 LGUs in the Philippines, Buadipuso Buntong for passing the preliminary assessment. 
The event was also attended by AFP LTC Jason V. Jumawan INF (GSC) PA CMDR 82IB,3ID,PA, 1LT Jaafar D. Abdul (INF) PA, CO, 82IB,3ID,PA, Municipal PNP, LGU Staff, Blgu, and Municipal Councilors. – RSOY/RSP 


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