Education among Maranaos as seen six years ago

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Six years ago today, I posted in my personal FB account a brief opinion about education concerns of the Maranaos. I heard people said my concern still holds true today. I believe corruption is the biggest root of this problem. 

If our education authorities want to urgenly address our poor education standard, they should get rid first of scalawags in their ranks – from top to bottom – and keep on introducing intensified and reliable measures to address this problem. It is hoped the incoming BARMM will immediately address this issue.

Sad to say, as far as basic education is concerned, Atty. Rasol Y. Mitmug, Jr., who has been secretary of the Department of Education of Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao for less than 7 months only, does not have enough time to mend this mess with the advent of the new Bangsamoro government to start January next year. 

The new Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) will replace the present ARMM thus the incumbent ARMM officials, especially political appointees, as MILF chief Murad said, have to go, and MILF officials will lead the new autonomous government.
In fairness to Secretary Mitmug, in his less than 7-month stint as head of the region’s education department, he has introduced measures that have contributed for the welfare of our youth and in solving some problems of the department. But 7 months is not enough to adddress this issue.
Below is the unedited FB post six years ago:
The plight of education among the Maranaos of today is, if I may say so, at its worst. College graduates, so many, cannot write nor even speak in the official medium of instruction – English. Worst, they cannot even spell correctly English and Filipino words.

“Schools have been proliferating, even some are found beside each other, but most of them do not give quality education.

Having been in the private education for some time, I know of many schools whose only existence depends upon ghost scholarships and subsidies from DepEd, CHED and other government providers, as well as from assistance abroad. Even if they have true enrollees in the roster of scholars granted by FAPE such as ECS, EVS and others, these schools do not give what is due to the scholars, and instead get the budget. In fact, the scholars do not even know they are scholars whose tuition and other fees are being paid or subsidized by the government.

And the most sinful part of it is the misuse of Islam and the plight of the Muslims in this part of the world to receive financial grant from Muslim donors abroad that include the Iqraa Charitable Society and the Islamic Development Bank whose money we can see have been pouring in here.


Another factor that contributes to the problem is the lack of quality teacher. Many of my colleagues are title braggers who are fun of putting their titles either in front of or after their names, or both. But they don’t deserve the titles for the kind of education they produced are substandard, or poor, as compared to other regions in the country.


What the youth need today is a quality teacher, not a title bragger, to provide quality education, not diploma mail. Those schools filling their bellies illegally and immorally with what belong to their students MUST at least strive to give their students quality education. Otherwise, the fire in hell will be their share.”  – MNY/RSP

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