Mindanao congressmen officially endorse Arkat A Lawanen Icon Doll


March 26, 2017

(R-L) Congresswoman Julliette Uy, Adwe chairperson Ashlia M. Limbona, Congresswoman Maria Lourdes Acosta-Alba, Elsie Kathy Ong Tan and Congressman Xavier Jesus Romouldon. (ATM)

MANILA: Three Congressmen from Mindanao have officially endorsed the Arkat A Lawanen Icon Marawi Doll, a pet project of Advance Development for Women Empowerment (ADWE) to help enhance the livelihood program of Marawi Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

Representatives Xavier Jesus Romouldon of Camiquin, Julliete Uy of Misamis Occidental and Maria Lourdes Acosta-Alba of Bukidnon on Saturday officially endorsed ADWE’s Arkat A Lawanen Icon to support the livelihood of Marawi  IDPs especially those affected by Marawi Siege.

According to leaders of ADWE, a women’s group advancing the welfare of their fellow women, “For the past eleven months, several NGOs have initiated efforts to make contributions for livelihood projects that shall benefit Marawi IDPs, but the immediate need and eagerness of IDPs to get back to their lives cannot immediately be addressed.”

The Alliance Development for Woman Empowerment has also conducted a livelihood project not only to help the IDPs in their livelihood but also to help in the preservation of culture as a contribution to the country’s colorful history. 

ADWE chairperson Ms Ashlia M. Limbona: “Arakat A Lawanen is a historical move in the preservation of our rich culture and traditions.” 

Limbona asks all interested Marawi IDPS to participate in Dollmaking process. It says, after 5 years the IDPs can be survivors of Marawi siege who have developed skills in the artistry of Maranao culture and at the same time supporting woman cooperatives whose expertise falls in the market of selling dolls which shall compete locally and abroad. 

During the Woman’s Month celebration, ADWE has invited some congressmen to “Adopt a doll as a symbol of Peace”. It targeted at least 100 woman who will have to undergo training and seminar for proper knowledge technical skills as entrepreneurs.

In this event, adopting a doll will help the ADWE address the initial needs for seed money to purchase starter kit which includes sewing machine, materials, and accessory for the Doll. 

ADWE expresses gratitude to Congresswoman Maria Lourdes Acosta-Alba from Bukidnon, Congresswoman Julliette Uy, First district of Misamis Occidental, Congressman Xavier Jesus Romouldon, from Camiguin, Congressman Frederick Siao of Iligan City, Congressman Jonathan Sy Alvarado, Governor Welhiminio Sy Alvarado of Province of Bulacan and Congressman Peter Unabia – ATM/RSP.

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