The New World Order

EDITORIAL | February 27, 2019

They almost have shaped our world according to the New World Order: Neo Bangsamoro among it.

This is exactly what the Zionists wanted us to be.
They wanted us to be their carbon copy. Unfortunately, Maranaos can hardly
absorb and understand what (are) these messianic events unfolding.
They have eyes but cannot see. They have ears but cannot hear.
Naudhubillah! – Gaphor M. Panimbang

IT is so sad to see our world today — how we Muslims live in dangerous times, to the extent that many of us no longer know what to believe, or whom to trust, even among us, for so many have chosen to pick up that little buck in order to help the enemy — enemy not only of the Muslims, but all of humanity — forgetting or setting aside God’s Command, or the pangs of the Hereafter.

Indeed, this sad state is proliferating especially in Muslim lands manifested by their devastations of unwanted wars between them: They fight against each other, killing their people — the old, women, young and children — and destroying their riches and resources with their own bombs and military, nay, the bombs and military of Muslim leaders.

The sad reality is that we know very well that this is the instigation of superpowers with one purpose: To realize the establishment of the Zionist Dream of One World Order with one universal government, way of life and system which is their own and that all of us must be subject and subservient to.

Can we Muslims not stand up and shout even to death that we are not Zionist gentiles, but we are rather servants of God? That there is no God but Allah and Mohammad is the Messenger of Allah? (MNY)

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