Ethnic cleansing of Rohingya continuing due to world inaction

A commentator believes the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya Muslims is still continuing in Myanmar due to inaction on the part of the international community, adding that the Southeast Asian country has no strategic interest for the West to address the issue.

“Ethnic cleansing is an emotive term which is only used by the West when there is some strategic gain to be gotten out of it… Burma has no strategic interest to NATO, to the American alliance, to [UK Prime Minister Theresa] May or [US] President [Donald] Trump, it is some backwater from their point of view and therefore there is no strategic gain in actually resisting or even highlighting particularly the ethnic cleansing that is going on in Myanmar,” William Spring told Press TV in an interview on Friday. (Source: PressTV)
On the other hand, as the Rohingyans are Muslims, these powers do nothing and if ever they do something, it is aimed to nothing less but destroy them.
We know that in the world today, Muslims are being provoked to fight each other, using most sophisticated weapons for the purpose of reducing them to mendicants, if not to totally annihilate them.
The saddest part is that the Muslims themselves are fighting against each other for power struggle. Unlike before, the Crusade allied forces were the ones fighting against the Muslim powers. This time, the enemies are just sitting down in their cool spacious hubs watching the fights between Muslims themselves who, ironically, are following their (West’s) directions. The Muslims indeed are deviating from the true teachings of Prophet Mohammad (saw) and time will come they will become slaves of Zionism. (RSP)

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