Either it is bragging, lying or hypocrisy!

EDITORIAL | December 4, 2017

Earlier, text messages were circulating around that Iligan City would be the next target of terrors after they had sown destruction in Marawi. These past days, text messages are asking fellow Maranaos residing in Iligan to protect the city with their own lives, saying to do so is a way of Jihad.

Who are they kidding? It’s either they are bragging, lying or simply hypocrites. How can they do that when they failed to protect their very own Marawi when it was sieged? In Iligan, they are evacuees, or most of them. In Marawi, their homeland, they had almost everything to defend it.

Bragging, lying and hypocrisy are attributes newly the many have acquired from foreigners who are funding the many through capacity or capability building or providing assistance for livelihood and other projects. In return, we feed the information they need which we may not know are being used against us.

An example of this is a written report of a well-known CSO leader that found its way to Ranao Star years ago. The report addressed to a foreign organization and the military enumerates details of events in Marawi and Lanao del Sur, especially rido (clan feud), security concerns and even private gatherings.

That possibly explains why this CSO leader who maintains a lot of assistants is visible and involved in almost every and all gatherings among Maranaos and even inviting members of the media to cover the events who in most cases are given honorariums.

But, then, Maranao residents in Iligan can help local authorities protect the city by being vigilant and all ears to what is going on around them. And if they see any suspicious person or movement of persons, they must immediately inform the authorities.

By this way, they are also protecting themselves and other Maranao residents in Iligan


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