Iligan City, Philippines
November 15, 2017

In a message to this writer last Monday, Sultan sa Lanao, Dr. Firdausi Ismael Yahya Abbas disclaimed affidavits allegedly gathered by lawyers in the name of the Bangsa Mranaw Congress (BMC) from owners of properties destroyed during the five-month Marawi siege by the Maute terrorists identified with an international terror group.

The message stated that “Sultan Firdausi Ismail Yahya Abbas, Sultan sa Lanao and BTC Commissioner who is the founder, organizer and legitimate sole authority to act on behalf of the Bangsa Mranaw Congress (BMC) as Chairman disclaims any knowledge and participation in the activities of Attorneys Dalidig Sumndad, Nasrollah Conding and Abdulgani Alonto as alleged officers of the BMC particularly in preparing affidavits of complaint for which they allegedly charge fees and P1 Sadaka. Any legal action is now assumed by Atty Sumndad who is responsible solely for the outcome.”

The message also stated that “the Bangsa Mranaw Congress which gained unexpected popularity is being used by persons for their personal interests to the prejudice of the peoples’ interest.”

Abbas announced that the BMC will have the second Congress this December to cleanse it of undesirables and give the course to legitimate grievances within the ambit of legal probability.

He asked the public to be guided accordingly by duly authorized designated officers.

Earlier, he announced that Dean Masiding Noor Yahya is designated head of the Membership Committee.

He exhorted those who attended the first BMC held at Elena Tower and Maria Cristina Hotels in Iligan to submit their full names and addresses to the designated head of the Membership committee for the issuance of free Identification Cards (ID).

He firmly told all concerned that all solicitations for contribution to any alleged BMC activity or movement by persons who claim to be officials of the BMC are not authorized. (FED/RSP)

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