I never received an award from the Bangsa Mranaw Congress

Looking Back
By Dean Yahya

I really ain’t sure if it’s due to irrelevant interpretation of events or lack of proper grasp on the subject or simply not reading why some are accusing me of receiving an award decided by one man and not the entire so-called Executive Council of the organization.

It means, I was wrongfully awarded by the Bangsa Mranaw Congress (BMC) the title of Dean of Mranaw Journalists during its first congresss held in Iligan City last September 30, 2017 and October 1, 2017 because it was not agreed upon by the Congress.

It was funny, isn’t it? 

As far as I know, I never received an award from the BMC despite the fact that I was among those who worked hard for the success of its first congress. I didn’t even receive that piece of paper signed by so many an individual minus the BMC chair manifesting attendance to the congress.

As founder and chairman of the BMC Executive Council, Sultan Abbas, perhaps, due to sympathy, just wrote his name somewhere on the paper and signed that attendance or participation certificate.

Yes, I was conferred the title of “Dean of Mranaw Journalists” But it wasn’t the BMC which gave to me. And nobody has ever the right to question that conferment. 

Speaking of BMC, Sultan Abbas said he would need names of those who have participated in the first congress for IDs. Those who have submitted application for membership forms to us, I believe, will be issued IDs too.

The name of a member to be submitted to us should bear his/her signature but such signature should not overlap the name. (MNY/RSP)

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