Hey Mga Lalim, Ibt ko Allaah ka magdamiyodn sa madti magaan!

Looking Back
By Dean Yahya


Yes, it s time to express our grievances. Hindi sapat ang magsabi sabar. Kailangan lahat ng mga taga Marawi magsalita na. Yung iba wala ginawa kundi magsipsip ay hindi natin dapat tularan. Magsalita tau kasi iyan pinaka malakas natin sandata sa panahon ngayon.#EnjoinTheRightForbidTheWrong

Sayang, they’re always bound by inclination to powers that be in the name of their so called paninindeg.

I salute those who are for God, people and Homeland, and not for any politician or powers that be.

People come and go. What is important is how life is lived and spent in relations to God, humanity and other living things and especially to oneself. That is morality. That is education. That is being civilized. That is self-esteem.

US and UK trained among us are taught to silence us to vindicate our sufferings inflicted by their agents of destruction.

Dikanodn khargaan. Apia so miyatangkd a para ko bakwit na kiyadasiyo pn. Ibt ko Allaah ka magdamiyodn sa madti magaan.

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