Post from Amsterdam

Chairman, Executive Council
Bangsa Mranaw Congress

Sultan Abbas aboard a train bound for Amsterdam. (Photo provided)

AMSTERDAM (October 19, 2017) — Atty Nasrollah Conding, Atty Dalidig Sumndad, Sultan Subair Mustapha and Abdani Alonto caused my taking distance from the Bangsa Mranaw Congress which I conceived and organized when in my absence they held press conferences without my knowledge and definitely without my consent.
They announced resolutions as passed without my imprimatur as chairman and some alleged resolutions were not even passed in the BMC. They continue to usurp authority and shamelessly present themselves as officers when in fact I merely designated them. Conding is with the BIR and his One Peso Sadka is a ground for his termination and can be criminally liable for swindling as there is no accounting of the donations he receives.
I am duty bound to continue the BMC despite these setbacks. I owe it to the participants and to our people. The BMC will be playing a significant role in the rebuilding of Marawi and only those who are sincere, honest and competent without personal interest can be a part of the BMC. 
This January European Union officials after meeting them decided to visit Marawi and give financial assistance. We will do our best to assure that the victims of the Marawi tragedy will receive this assistance and not government officials or agencies or NGOs linked to government agencies. We must also be assured that the Ulamas, Sultans, ethnic artisans from Tugaya will sit in the Marawi Rehabilitation Committee. 
Those who participated in the first BMC are the legitimate members who shall be issued IDs with my imprimatur. The list of participants was not registered by the Secretariat and thus those who attended kindly register with Dean Masiding Yahya, duly appointed Chair of Media Affairs and designated acting Chair of the Membership Committee. Kindly keep informed through the Ranao Star which is now adopted as the official organ of the BMC. 
I will not mind any sacrifice, nor fear any threat or intimidating posture or evade tiring and exacting pursuit for as long as I know I do this for our people and Allah will guide us through the trials and tribulations. I honor the sincere Mranaws who are with us who likewise render sacrifice but I detest those who push their personal interests above that of the BMC and betray our cause. (RSP/Sultan Firdausi I.Y. Abbas)

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