Ranao Star chief conferred the title of Dean of Mranaw Journalists


Iligan City, Philippines
September 30, 2017

Masiding Noor Yahya, left, receives the Plaque of Royal Conferment as Dean of Mranaw Journalists from Sultan Lomala O. Imam who represents Lano Sultan Firdausi abbas.

During the Bangsa Mranaw Congress held on September 30, 2017, at the Elena Tower’s Inn in this city, the head of Ranao Star Philippines (RSP) was conferred the title of Dean of Mranaw Journalists by the Sultan of Lanao in recognition of his unsurpassed achievements as a Mranaw journalist.

Masiding Noor Yahya, RSP publisher and editor-in-chief, received the royal conferment of the title of “Dean of Mranaw Journalists” from Sultan Firdausi Abbas which was presented to the honoree by Sultan Lomala Imam on behalf of the Lanao Sultan in the presence of over 500 Mranaw multi-sector leaders attending the Bangsa Mranaw Congress.

The conferment of such a title is the first of its kind in the history of the Maranao People.

The Royal Conferment read in part:

“As the Sultan of Lanao, with the authority inherent in my title, for meritorious services in the field of journalism and mass media, for courageous advocacy of reporting and writing the facts as they unfold, for objective publication of news and events, siding with none but the truth, in the face of danger to himself and family, and for all the sacrifices in his crusade as a journalist and at the same time a Mranaw for founding the Ranao Star and sustaining it as those before it to show the country and the world that in the Ranao Region, news is alive:

“I, Sultan Firdausi Ismail Yahya Abbas, Fourth Sultan and Reigning Sultan of Ranao, hereby confer the title of DEAN OF MRANAW JOURNALISTS on MASIDING NOOR YAHYA who shall henceforth be privileged to use the title and for the Bangsa Mranaw  to acknowledge and respect the title of Dean of the Mranaw Journalists,  duly conferred on the honoree.”

Yahya is president of Sarimanok Press Club and also chairman of Lanao Association of Multimedia Practitioners (LAMP).

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