DTI Asec Macatoman graces Maranao multi-sector leaders’ consultation forum


Iligan City, Philippines

August 9, 2017
A group of internally displaced persons in the Marawi crisis said the government is giving keeping busy the internally displaced persons in the Marawi crisis by giving them with relief assistance which they criticized as unsuited for human consumption.
During the consultation forum organized by Maranao multi-sector leaders here Wednesday, a group of participants from Lumba Bayabao, Lanao del Sur, said the relief goods contain “stinking NFA rice which makes us suffer stomach pains every time we eat it, canned goods and noodles which are almost expired.”
They also appealed to President Duterte to stop bombing Marawi and end the war.
“Marawi bombing should be stopped as all houses are already destroyed and there is nothing left for us to return,” they stressed.
“Many of our children are no longer able to pursue their education, and there is no more madrasah,” they said. 
The group also appealed that they be provided farm carabao/ or cow, fertilizers, tracers, tractors, so the farmers will improve their lot.
AbdulGani M. Macatoman, the newly appointed assistant secretary of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) who was the guest of honor listened to the clamor and concerns of the participants.
On the part of Ranao Rescue Team/One Tabang, they appealed that young lady-evacuees be given jobs so that they would not suffer what happened in Zamboanga siege when the young women had to sell their bodies for P20.00 only so that they could survive.
They also appealed that private teachers be hired to teach the more than 40,000 students who are not accommodated.
The participants hope that Macatoman could bring to the attention of the President their clamor.
The consultation was hosted by KPSP, BFBCI and Peso Sadka Foundaton, Inc. led by Sultan Atty. Nasrullah B. Conding, with the participation of DTI-ARMM, LDS, and different CSO’s Ranao Rescue team , Mydev., Sultan sa Toros Prof.Lomala Otical Imam, Former Director of HRDO MSU Main; SPDA Chair Datu Jerry Tomawis and the Marawi Traders headed by Datu Amadatu Batabor, the Kalimodan Bangsamoro Marketing Cooperative (KBMC), and ARMM Advocacy Cooperative Network (ACCOOP)

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