Consultation on BBL amendments held


Marawi City, Lanao del Sur
May 5, 2017

The Justice and Security Committee of the expanded Bangsamoro Transitional Commission (BTC) held consultations on the proposed amendments to the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) that failed to pass Congress during the past administration at the CHARM Building of the Mindanao State University main campus in this City Thursday.

The proposed amendments were presented and clearly explained by the members of the Committee on Justice and Security of the Bangsamoro Transition Commission headed by Chairman Atty. Firdausi Ismael Y. Abbas.

Abbas said that the proposed changes have done away with blasphemous provisions of the bill concerning the Shariah Courts and provisions that were deemed unconstitutional by the members of the past Congress.

Commissioner Samira A. Gutoc pointed out the Constitutionality of provisions, hierarchy of values of sources of Islam, Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) were among the considerations in determining the proposed amendments.

She said that Shariah recognizes not only Quran and Sunnah Model of Prophet Mohammad but also consensus of authorities and analogy as pointed out by Shariah experts.

During the discussions, Johary of CBCS, asserted that they want compliance to the CAB to which Chairman Abbas replied that the current mandate of the BTC include making proposals.

Commissioner Susana S. Anayatin barely held back her tears when she passionately stressed that the BBL must be a legacy for the people.

The youth sector also appealed for unity as Committee Chairman Abbas appealed that they be given a chance to defend these proposals upon submission to the President and Congress.

Abbas emotion was felt in his cracking voice as he eloquently presided the meeting.
Members of the MILF, Lawyers, Ulamas, Shariah Lawyers, Sultanate, Civil Society Organizations and Officials of Mindanao State University Main Campus participated in the discussions.

Commissioners Ammal D. Solaiman, Samira A. Gutoc, Atty. Maisara Damdamdun Latiph, Atty. Omar Yasser C. Sema and Dr. Susana S. Anayatin were the Committee members present.

Among those present were: the highest religious authority in the area Darul Ifta Murad Amanuddin, former GPH Negotiator Aleem Hamid Barra, Shariah Center Head Haron Pangcoga, Dean Asnawii Ronsing, Ulama League president Judge Abu Cali, Freulin a Teduray on Customary Laws, Prosecutors, Heads of Women and Youth Groups, Fiscal Mibala Batugan, Shariah Association President Najer Pinatara, IBP President Amenoden Macalandap, Engr. Mariam Barandia of Kamagogopa, Inc., Lanao del Sur Deputy PNP Director Macacuna Dia, former PNP Director Paniares Adap, former NCMF Commissioner Solaiman Mutia, a representative of BG William A. Alunday of the 2nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade, Lanao del Norte, Major Roger A.Conmigo (CAV), CMO, Musa Diamla of the Province of Lanao del Sur, Abdani Alonto of the City Government, former MSU Executive Vice President Datumanong Saranggani and Fr. Chito Suganob of the City Parish.

MSU fully supported the event that in the message of President Habib Macaayong, read by Vice President for Finance Atty. Basar, he urged that finally peace be attained.

The proposed amendments dealt more on Shariah Judicial System, Bangsamoro Police and the AFP Division to be responsible for the security of the Bangsamoro territories.

Abbas emphasized that everything was carefully considered so that no unconstitutional provisions are included that might again be a cause for congressional disapproval.

He finally said that the proposed amendments were arrived at through the consensus on the collective minds of all the Commission Members of the Justice and Security Committee.


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