New Sultan and Sultan Cabugatan of Minitupad enthroned respectively

The Minitupad Royal Family.

Lumba Bayabao, Lanao del Sur
April 8, 2017

Hadji Abdul Majeed Rico Mipanga Galo has been enthroned recently as the new Sultan of Minitupad, while his son Mohammad Marohombsar Dangcal Dagalangit Mipanga Galo as the new Sultan a Cabugatan of Minitupad.

Sultan sa Minitupad Hadji Abdul Majeed is married to Potre Maamor sa Dansalan Hadja Fatma Saphia Marohombsar Dangcal-Galo. While Sultan Cabugatan Mohammad is married to Bai Nisreen Pangarungan Sampaco Ali-Galo.

The Royal House of Minitupad is one of the Four Royal Houses of Lumba Bayabao (Pat a Panoroganan sa Lumba Bayabao). The other three are Bacolod, Borocot and Maribo.

Thus Minitupad is one of the 15 or 16 Royal Houses of the Four Prefectures of Ranao (15 odi na 16 Panoroganan ko Pata Pungampong ko Ranao).

According to the Maranao Royal Tradition, the Pat a Pungampong ko Ranao is composed of Bayabao, Masiu, Unayan and Baloi. Lumba Bayabao is one of the three subdivisions of Bayabao with Poona Bayabao and Mala Bayabao as the other two.

The enthronement ceremony was well attended. Hundreds of constituents of the sultanate braved the combined heat of the sun and rain showers to witness the occasion which was graced by many royalties in the Pat a Pungampong.

Those who graced the enthronement included:

Sultan sa Ranao Mastura Manabilang, Sultan Dalomangob of Dansalan Camid Gandamra; Sultan Maamor of Dansalan, Nasser Sampaco; Sultan ko Nem a Pungampong Acrabansa O. Dagalangit, Sultan sa Masiu Mayor Gambai Dagalangit; Sultan sa Maribo Acdami Bansao; Datu a Cabugatan sa Masiu Macatiwas Pinto, and many others.

It was so colorful a ceremony that is only befitting to a royal family of high esteem in the Maranao royal tradition.



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