Will Leni’s “Angat Buhay” succeed in Lanao del Sur?

So VP Leni Robredo was in Marawi Tuesday to launch her flagship program “Angat Buhay” in Lanao del Sur.

While the program is by intent noble, its success in this part of the country remains to be seen especially when it did not appear attractive to participating CSO representatives as some of them immediately expressed discontent.

A young CSO leader present during the launching expressed dismay. “Super badtrip, decoration lang ang CSO!,” she referred to how supposed beneficiaries are chosen which went the usual way of the government for projects aimed to alleviate poverty but failed.

Lanao del Sur provincial government along its 10-Point (or was it 9-Point agenda? chose the way this Angat Buhay program should be done and invited multi-sector representatives were just made as props and were not heard of their say.

Another thing is to look how Lanao del Sur has been doing in decades. No amount of propaganda can change the face of the province being dubbed as the poorest country in the country. Much more that propagandists boosting Lanao del Sur act as if they were not tasked to correct the negative image of the province.

The local government has to exert more efforts and sacrifices for the welfare of our people.

The event, according to another CSO leader, is important both as a Angat Buhay program (Livelihood Alleviation), and as a gauge of measuring Leni’s popular support from the masses. He, however, expressed apprehension.

“We must double our vigilance in the coming times,” he worried.


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