Adventure? Try epic destinations in Ranao Region in South of Philippines?

Marawi City | January 14, 2017

“Da Sowa o da sima.” 

Everybody has been in Manila, Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, and where else? Of course, these destinations has taught us lessons,” invaluable lessons,” they say, “that we can’t learn in schools. It expands our worldview. It pushes us to be better, stronger, more empathetic human beings.”

Once in a while, you’ve gotta be classic, or unique, and come out with pride, “Look I’ve been there!” pointing to a place only a few tourists, if there is any, would dare to go.

So why not try some place you’ve never thought of to visit before. Let’s start in Ranao that now comprises the two provinces of Lanao. They have the potential best trip ever taken by a daring.

1. Mala a Balt

These two pristine islets are perfect for adventure lovers. The islets can be reached through 15-minute motorboat ride coming from the lakeshore of Municipality of Binidayan where Mala a Baltis closer in distance. The beauty of this virgin forest-island in the heart of the lake is great for outdoor experience.

2. Torogan 

Torogan literally means “sleeping place” in Maranao language. For the Maranaos, it is the house of the ruling Sultan and Datu. It also serves as the community center for both decision-making and social gatrhing of a Sultanate. Torogan is known for its distinct decorative “okir” and “panolong” on its facade. Supported by four “takad” or beams of such hardwood as narra and mahogany, the structure of the Torogan is truly symbolic in nature

3. Mosques

A place of worship among Muslims. It has been an enduring symbol of Islamic faith among Maranaos in the province. Mosque is also known in its arabic term as “masjid” and in Maranao as “masgit”.

Mosques stand along different places surrounding Lake Lanao. The grandeur of its architectural style were influenced by Arab-Indian design. Yet with all its beautiful exterior, mosques will always be an abode of spirtual rejuvenation and mental enlightenment for the faithful.

4. Hindang Falls

This attraction within the hinterlands of Iligan City has been hidden for the longest period, so it was said. It’s preserved and people living nearby were volunteering to make sure that the place is clean and neat. The local government put an effort to make this place well maintained which it doesn’t need any fees from the visitors.

5. Hindang Cave

One of the scenic and must-to-go spots at Brgy. Hindang, Iligan City is the Hindang Cave. It’s a one-hour ride to get one to this barangay in the hinterlands from the city proper and a 2-3 hour uphill trek to get to Hindang Cave. 

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