Iligan City, Philippines

Security for the celebration of the Diyandi Festival is virtually airtight as revealed by the PNP Acting City Director here last weekend.

Acting PNP City Director Sr. Superintendent Leony Roy Ga presented the overall security plan to officers and members of the non-government organizations and some Media men during a Security Forum at the Institute of Peace and Development Management, Mindanao State University-MSU-IIT last weekend.

Managing Director Musa Sanguila of Pakigdait, Inc. incorporated expressed his appreciation for Ga’s transparency in presenting to the audience what appears to him as a Classified Information.

Ga presented the overall security plan including deployment of PNP troops, friendly forces and force multipliers during important events to be held in the month-long celebration.

It appears that the City is completely sealed of undesirable elements during the whole period.

Among participating elements of the plan were the PNP, AFP, Traffic Enforcers, Army Reserve Command, Security Guards, BADAC, Karancho, SALAAM Police, Barangay Officials and Tanods and other force multipliers.

The deployment plan revealed tightness of internal and external security measures set by the security elements of Iligan City.

Ga, however, emphasized the importance of people participation and support.

He gave the PNP emergency numbers to the participants so that the public can easily pass to the authorities any observation on unusual things and people.

He also said that COMREL Mobile Phone number 09177127411 can receive any message and relay it to any of the concerned Stations for quick response.

Finally, Ga exhorted everybody to keep calm, vigilant and alert all the time for anything that may disturb the peace and security of the City.

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