Who will be the next Pamlian sa Marawi?

Representatives of one of the most united Maranao clans convened recently to choose from among themselves who will be the next Pamlian sa Marawi after Maulana aka Ringo, returned to his Creator years ago.

Descendants of Sharief Mohammad, first Pamlian sa Marawi, met at Mamitua Saber Research Center of Mindanao State University Marawi main campus to discuss the forthcoming enthronement of the next Pamlian sa Marawi.

Descendants of Dayangdayang, Batingolo, Miara and Moliya, the four children of Sharief Mohammad, from whose offspring rotationally come the royal title of Pamlian sa Marawi, attended in the meeting.

It was presided over by a Moliya grandson, Suod Barodi, present Watowa Ulo sa Marawi, and former regional director of Philippine Statistics Authority.

It was unanimously agreed that Engr. Alexander “The Lion” Macaager will be the next Pamlian.

Alexander is the great grandson of Moliya. He will replace the late Maulana “Ringo” last Pamlian sa Marawi.

Marawi City Mayor Majul U. Gandamra belongs to the clan being great grandson of Dayangdayang.

During the meeting, some descendants talked about the greatness of their great randfather, Sharief Mohammad, the Pamlian sa Marawi. (MNY/TNRS)

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