Hataman condemns Davao bombing

RG Hataman

COTABATO CITY, September 3 — Governor Mujiv Hataman of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) has condemned the deadly explosion Friday night in Davao City that left 14 people dead and 71 injured.

“We are no strangers to such incidents, and we know the fear and sorrow that come with these tragedies,” Hataman said in a statement released here Saturday.

In response to reports that the Abu Sayyaf has claimed responsibility for the attack, Hataman said, “Acts of terror have no place in a country that tirelessly hopes for peace and stability.”

“Time and again, this group has proven to be the biggest traitor of Islam, their activities are purely betrayal of the values and principles we hold dear as a peace-loving people,” Hataman said.

He emphasized that Islam does not condone violence and the incident in Davao was not the work of a true Islam believer.

“Islam does not condone the spilling of blood. The murder of innocent people has no place in Islam. Acts of terrorism are not and will never be the way toward unity and progress,” Hataman said.

“We are one with Davao City in this time of grief. In the fight for peace, we will not falter,” the ARMM governor said. (PNA)

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