NGCP completes repair of Tower 25; Agus 1 &  2 hydro Plants back online

On March 14, 2016, NGCP completed the repair of Tower 25 along its Agus 2-Kibawe 138kV line in Lanao del Sur. The facility became in-operational December 24, last year, after it was bombed and toppled by still unidentified lawless elements.

Repair and restoration was hampered by the refusal of claimants belonging to the Sambitory family to allow NGCP access to the tower site.

Restoration of the facility allows the grid operator to transmit the electricity produced by state-owned Agus 1 and Agus 2 hydro power plants, with a combined installed capacity of 260MW, to the rest of the Mindanao grid.

The restoration of Tower 25 started on March 5 after the court granted a Temporary Restraining Order in favor of NGCP against the Sambitorys.

“We are very pleased with this development. We have been poised and ready to restore the facility as soon as it was toppled. All we needed was access to the property. With the court issued injunction, we were given legal cover to access the transmission facilities and begin restoration,” the company explained.

In 2015, 19 transmission towers were targeted, resulting in 16 toppled or damaged facilities.

NGCP has repeatedly warned the public that these bombings, together with the malicious planting of trees and vegetation underneath transmission lines, continue to aggravate the tenuous power supply situation in the region.

The company stresses that the bombings only serve to further increase the burden of the public, which must suffer through service interruptions when towers are bombed.

NGCP appeals to the local community and its leaders to help identify the perpetrators of the bombings and to negotiate with uncooperative claimants who maliciously plant trees and vegetation underneath transmission lines, to prevent longer power interruptions. NGCP CORPCOM/The New Ranao Star


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