Jabidah Puzzle

The so-called Jabidah Massacre that supposedly happened almost half a century ago was commemorated recently. Some called it the incident that triggered the Bangsamoro revolution.

But some weird minds are still wondering up to this day whether or not the incident really happened. If it did, there would have been dead bodies in a mass grave and it could have been mass murder.

However, can a mass murder happen without the corpus delicti?

A look into the alleged incident would note that it happened when Marcos was about to proclaim Martial Law.

Thus could it be just one of those events that were needed to create a situation that would justify the declaration of Martial Law?

Years before, it was known that Marcos got a Special Power of Attorney from the heirs of the Sultanate of Sulu to claim ownership and recovery of the state of Sabah from the Malaysian Federation.

Grapevine sources in those days revealed that Marcos wanted to claim Sabah for himself – not for the Republic of the Philippines. But doing so would not be easy.

It was then reported that through a certain Col. Abdulatiff Martelino who reportedly converted himself to Islam in the furtherance of his mission, Marcos recruited young Tausugs for a mission to get Sabah.

But since it would create a diplomatic furor that could go all the way to the International Court of Justice, it was rumored that the plan was revised from invasion to subversion. Filipino agents would infiltrate Sabah and subvert the inhabitants to rise against Malaysia and annex the state to the province of Sulu in the Philippines.

Again if the scheme is uncovered, the Philippines would not look good in the eyes of the free world.

Hence, the alleged Jabidah Massacre must appear to have happened and all the recruits were killed bringing their secrets with them.

It was said that Corrigidor is nearer to Bataan than Cavite. But Bataan is not an opposition territory. Cavite was under Montano, one of the stalwarts of the opposition in those days.

So, Jibin Arula, the alleged lone survivor from heavy machinegun fire landed safely on Cavite shores in spite of a bleeding wound after swimming several miles in heavily shark-infested waters. He was naturally rescued by Montano who promptly reported to the talkative Senator Ninoy Aquino.

The privileged speech that reverberated in the Halls of Congress spread throughout the world and although no dead bodies were found everyone believed that the Jabidah Special Forces trainees were all killed weeks before graduation.

Jibin Arula may already be too old or dead to change his story. But rumors say that some of those supposedly killed in Corrigidor are now in their 70s and much alive in Sabah.

Of course, the world knows that the said incident was one of those events that facilitated recruitment for the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF). It likewise gave reason for the young recruits to be aided by a foreign country in undergoing training under British Mercenaries. There were batches of them who later give good battles with the AFP.

Whether true or not, those rumors should teach the Bangsamoro people never again to be manipulated in aid of the fulfillment of the cunning designs of a scheming dictator.

The Mindanao problem can be settled through peaceful means. It is what the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) after sacrificing many young fighters for many years has seen today.

The New Ranao Star

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