Marawi City, Philippines, December 24, 2015
LASURECO Task Force Chairman and Acting General Manager Solaiman “Soler” C. Mutia led the Year-End Kanduri held by the power cooperative Wednesday in the Lasureco Avatar Complex here as the year is about to end.

The occasion coincides with the birth commemoration of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be Upon Him and His Progeny), a holiday.

MARAWI CITY – The Lanao del Sur Electric Cooperative (LASURECO) held its year-end Kanduri last December 23.

Acting General Manager and LASURECO Task Force Chairman Solaiman “Soler” C. Mutia welcomed the guests and thanked everyone who cooperated with Task Force in the accomplishment of its mission.

He recalled briefly why the Task Force LASURECO was created by President Benigno Aquino III.

He said that of the over a hundred electric cooperatives in the country LASURECO has the biggest problems.

He mentioned that the Task Force has three major tasks to accomplished: Installation of 40,000 meters, sanitation of the lines and election of a Board of Directors.

He reported that 33,000 meters have been installed and almost all illegal connections have been cut.

Electrification of District I has been completed with the high voltage transmission lines having already reached as far as Sultan Dumalondong and Butig.

However, election of the Board of Directors cannot yet be held because District II under Congressman Pangalian Balindong has not been electrified.

JERA Construction, the Contractor of the 69 KV line from Marawi to Tugaya, has withdrawn and the Task Force will soon continue with the project until completion.

The Task Force is also negotiating for NGCP to continue with the installation of the high voltage lines that will supply the shorelines municipalities of Malabang, Kapatagan, Balabagan and Picong.

Mutia hopes that the projects will be completed by March, 2016.

Towards the end of his message, he exhorted everyone to work together as one for it by uniting in the work that people make things happen.

It may also be re called that Mutia personally spearheaded the information and education campaign in the various municipalities including those of Lanao del Norte that are within the service area of the Cooperative making it easier for the consumers to understand and accept the realities and requirements of the service provider.

He thank everybody that despite the challenges the Cooperative is facing, they have cooperated in order to achieve the goals and objectives set.

Lanao del Sur Provincial Police Director and Task Force LASURECO Co-Chairman Sr. Superintendent Siegfredo E. Ramos gave a message of encouragement to all the stakeholders LASURECO.

Philippine Army 103rd Brigade Commander and Co-Chairman of Task Force LASURECO Col Roseller Murillo observed that many things are happening in the world today and the people must “makisabay” (come abreast) for it is people who make things happen.

He called on everybody to unite for the success of the cooperative and work together “upang burahin” (in order to erase) the bad impression on LASURECO and its member-consumers.

“Napaganda ng Marawi” (Marawi is so beautiful) and people must work as one for its development.

Mr. Allan Lao also gave an encouraging message on behalf of AMIN Party-List Representative Settie Djalia Turabin-Hataman.

Distribution of Awards to deserving officials, employees and other personalities also highlighted the said affair.

The program was attended by some LGU Officials, Member-Consumers and LASURECO Employees.

Consultant on Public Relations and Master of Ceremonies Samira Gutoc-Tomawis, closed the program.

Guests and visitors enjoyed the luncheon that followed. TNRS

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