Mas Yahya asks peers to help stop Medja-medja proliferation

Mas Yahya

MARAWI CITY — The newly inducted president of the strongest press club in Marawi and two Lanaos, enjoined his peers in the profession to help stop the so-called medja-medja proliferation.

In his valedictory address during the induction program of Sarimanok Press Club held at Marawi Resort Hotel December 15 here, President Mas Yahya humbly accepted the responsibility granted him by the members of the SPC through their unanimous votes of confidence.

He said he wanted the SPC members to work on a low profile but as responsible journalists.

Yahya enjoined his peers in the profession to help stop, or at least minimize, the so-called medja-medja, or those who approached newsmakers for alleged interview or press coverage but they do not have clear media outfits to come out with their reports.

Yahya said they are mostly from nearby Iligan who allegedly represent national or international outfits but actually they are not connected with the outfits..

He said we need a strong media outfit and practicing media workers.

He said he wished that media will protect its dignity and integrity, but above all maintain its credibility as media workers.

He said if the affair is simple, it was because it has to be to be simple but solemn.

President Yahya is a former academician and veteran journalist.

He was dean of college of a local school and director for student affairs of an international school in Manila.

He was secretary general of the Organizing Secretariat of the World Federation of Muslim Journalists based in Kuala Lumpur.

Yahya is the founder and editor-in-chief emeritus of the New Ranao Star and South Bay Monitor.

PHIL PA-ALAN/The New Ranao Star

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