Lasureco to fast track 69 KV lines installation

DOE Asec Diego Mapandi (center) in a TV show during the early 
days of his appointment as Lasureco GM. Now he is on leave and  
Asst. GM Soler Mutia takes charge as Acting GM. FILE

MARAWI CITY – Assistant General Manager Solaiman “Soler” Mutia of the Lanao del Sur Electric Cooperative (LASURECO), Inc. disclosed recently that definitive moves had been undertaken by the Lasureco Management to pressure the JERA Construction to comply with its obligation to deliver the materials for the installation of the 69 KV line in the province.

AGM Mutia said JERA Construction had been contracted by Lasureco to install the 69 KV lines in Lanao del Sur so that Lasureco can fast track the installation of electric meters for the still unlighted areas of the province. He said the Lasureco Management asked the JERA Consruction to deliver the required materials and Lasureco will provide labor complement for the installation of the k69 KV lines. He said the 69 KV lines will be installed from SPDA Marantao to Tugaya and unto Poblacion Ganassi and Pualas, while NGCP will continue the installation work up to Malabang, Lanao del Norte. He said the installation work had to be done since the towers in Marantao had been toppled down years back.

Earlier, AGM Mutia said that Lasureco through the Task Force Metering targets to install 40,000 kwh meters in Lanao del Sur and Marawi City. He said that so far over 32,000 kwh meters had been installed including 3,000 recalibrated kwh meters in the city. He said the 40,000 had been provided by the national government to improve the operation of Lasureco.

With regards to revenue collection, AGM Mutia said that Lasureco has adopted the mobile tellers to collect payments from the consumers in the barangay levels. He said this is done with the help of the local officials. He said the mobile tellers or paying stations are equipped with laptop so that consumers can receive their payment receipts immediately. He said if the collection is low, Lasureco gives priority to the payment of the salaries of the regular employees and the power cost of the NGCP. He said Lasureco is tapping the assistance of local government units in Lanao to facilitate the payments of electric bills by power consumers. He said Lasureco has replaced collectors with the mobile tellers to prevent temptations. He said collectors normally keep the collections in their custody for 3 or 4 days and when emergencies arise the collectors are tempted to use the money for their personal interests.

On the back log on payment obligations for SSS, PhilHealth and Pag-Ibig, AGM Mutia has paid P15 million for the premiums of regular employees with the SSS, PhilHealth and Pag-Ibig. He said the Task Force Metering paid all their obligations with the said government offices. He said now the Lasureco has no more debts with the said government offices relating to the premiums of their regular employees.

With regards to meter tampering, AGM Mutia said that a tampering committee had been organized to address

tampering problems. He said the committee composed of Lasureco, PNP and AFP personnel conducts surveys, detection, and arrest persons caught in the act of tampering and file charges against the offenders. He said people should show willingness to do what is good for the majority. He also appealed to the power consumers not to allow their meters to be tampered.

To maximize the operation of the Lasureco, AGM Mutia said that Lasureco has plans for the reorganization of Lasureco to accommodate young blood and those who have no experience with corruption and whose minds are not yet polluted. He said Lasureco will recommend reorganization and request funds for the payment of separation pays for personnel who are retiring.

Earlier, AGM Mutia said that 50% of the 13th month pay for 2014 will be given to the regular employees of Lasureco.

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