Mindanao grid reserves now at 72 MW

In a Twitter report, the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) revealed that as of Friday, November 13, the power reserve of the Mindanao grid stands at 72 megawatts.

It said the available capacity in the island is now 1,566 megawatts.

System peak as reported is 1,494 megawatts leaving 72 megawatts to take care of unexpected Power Plant shutdowns.

The report did not explain the factors that influenced the figures but observers think the reserve must have been contributed by Therma South Coal Dome which recently supplied the grid.

The availability of power beyond the requirements of distributors may have also been due to high water levels in Agus and Pulangui Hydroelectric complexes.

It was also learned that the reserve will soon increase higher when Saranggani Power Corporation (SEC), another Coal-fired power plant, will be fully operational next year.

The New Ranao Star


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