Despite the delayed enactment of the Bangsamoro Basic Law, there is no denying that the Bangsamoro exists and that its territory will soon be the focus of an unstoppable economic growth in Mindanao if not the whole country.

The great plains of Maguindanao, the plateaus of Lanao del Sur and the beautiful islands of Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-tawi will soon be the focus of economic acceleration for these were the areas that were wasted by decades of social unrest and government neglect.

Speculations have it also that the Liguasan Marsh with its believed deposits of natural gas and the surrounding palm oil plantations will soon be teeming with industrial activities.

The power sector is now working double time in setting up power plants all over the island in anticipation of the great demand for power that would rise above the present shortage.

Aboitiz Power, the Alcantara Group and the various minor players in the energy sector are now putting up generating plants here and there.

Months ago, the Alcantara group announced that their Sarangani Energy Corporation will begin to supply Mindanao distributors with cheaper base load power by the first quarter of 2016.

During its annual Media Party held last October 7, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of AboitizPower Distribution Group announced that its 150MW Therma South Power Plant began supplying the Mindanao Grid with base load power last September 1.

More and more power plants are being built around Mindanao. However, the present load requirements are expected to be met only by 2018. This would mean that many more must be put up if the expected demand in the Bangsamoro territories is factored into the energy picture.

The perennial problem of transmission disruptions, however, that has become a burden of the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP), must be addressed. It used to be perceived as a problem of the Company alone.

But now, it appears to be a problem of everyone. Lanao del Sur Electric Cooperative (LASURECO) one of the distributors nearest to the Agus System is experiencing daily brownouts due to recurrent tripping of the main supply lines due to trees intentionally planted under them.

The Community must help for the advent of a new era in the Bangsamoro has begun. Problems, whether big or small, must be solved immediately so as not to affect the economic development in the region that is now at hand.

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