MAPIA PAGALAD holds first 2015 eyeballing

with Photos from HANIFAH B. OTICAL

Sugod, Marawi City, September 21 — The MORIATAO ANGOYAO PAGALAD KO INGUD ASSISTANCE (MAPIA) RADIO FORUM 14.423 KHz held their first eye balling this year at a function hall here Monday.

The MAPIA Pagalad is a two-way radio frequency and assistance organization where the communication of members is through the two-way radio frequency and among their works is spreading news, information, etc. to others.

It was founded in 2009 with 596 members by its present President Sultan Jawar Romuros Domato.

To strengthen the advocacy of rendering Public Service and maintaining the unity of the organization through “kapagawida”, the Pagalad as well, becomes a bridge in facilitating conflicts, gaps and socio-economic problems in the community.

The organization is open only to the descendants of “Moriatao Angoyao” for which reason, among others, the organization has lasted this long, growing stronger everyday.

The eye balling program was attended by the organization’s Control leaders, Zone Chairmen, Screening, Islamic Affairs Executives, Board of Directors, and members of Pagalad.

Former assemblywoman of Samera Gutoc-Tomawis graced the occasion with her special participation.

The program was started with the registration of the new members, followed by the reading Qur-an of Ustadj Nasser Unda, the welcome address of Sultan Jasser R. Abedin, the short message of inspiration by Alem Acmad, and an oath-taking by Alem Ansary Dimakuta.

Throughout the program, they played a game entitled “Bring me,” which the host asked for a thing and the participant who can immediately give the thing wins a prize.

There were also a raffle draws with valuable prizes.

After the ice breaker, Pagalad Nanayaon Gambao – CAMMRI RIDER 324 – presented the awards of Morning and Evening Reporters, and the Perfect Attendance, followed by the presentation of the Pagalad Achievement and Wisdom 22 by Alibasher Abedin.

In an interview, Pagalad President Sultan Jawar R. Domato explained the purposes of the Pagalad.

He said that because of the Pagalad frequency, they’ve got a connection to their other members, where they will know if there are incidents like carnapping, they can easily get in to it and make an action for it.

Therefore, the number of carnapping incident here in Marawi City decreases.

They also controlled the fishermen who are using Knit or Pork by the active response to the report of the members through Radio frequency.

The succession of event was end by the closing remarks of Pagalad President Domato.

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