The Philnabank Employees Resources of Agusan Multipurpose Cooperative (PERAMPC) opened its branch office here last August 22.

PERAMPC Board Chairman Gil Cortes Hilot told the New Ranao Star that the cooperative was founded by the employees of Philippine National Bank (PNB) in the Agusan provinces.

“In its desire to serve other PNB employees and others who may also need their services, PERAMPC spread out and has now 10 branches in Mindanao,” he said.

PERAMPC offers loans to SSS and GSIS pensioners at a very low interest rate of only 2% per month and check rediscounting.

Requirements on borrowers are very easy to comply.

Iligan Executive Secretary for Investment Promotions Arnold Garbanzos said that “the opening of the PERAMPC Branch in Iligan is a good addition to our financial institutions.”

PERAMPC is now one of the many banks, lending institutions and cooperatives that have established branches in Iligan.

The cooperative’s branch in Iligan is ideally located beside the Dangpanan sa Kabataan, City Social Welfare and Development (CSWD) office at Corner San Miguel and Benito Labao streets, near main Philippine National Bank Branch.- The New Ranao Star –


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