Baloi turns 67 years old

Various fitting commemorative activities undertaken

BALOI, Lanao del Norte – The officials and people of Baloi, Lanao del Norte celebrated the 67th Founding Anniversary of the municipality from July 27 to August 1, 2015 with various fitting commemorative activities with the theme: “Moving Towards Peaceful and Sustainable Community of Inspired Leadership” 

The activities include: Opening Ceremonies, Municipal Qur’an Reading Competition; Opening of Booth Decoration/Display Contest (July 27); Start of All Games (July 28); DepEd and CHED Cultural Presentations (July 29); People’s Day (July 30); Booth Final Grading and Evaluation (July 31); and Culmination Program, Civic Military Parade and Closing Program (August 1). The other activities include raffle draw, distribution of prices and awards and plaques.

The Municipaliy of Baloi, Lanao del Norte was born on August 1, 1948 with the signing of Executive Order No. 152 by then President Elpidio L. Quirino ordering the organization of the Municipal Districts of Momungan, Pantar and Balut into an independent municipality called the Municipality of Baloi, Lanao del Norte.

On the occasion of the 67th Araw Ng Baloi, Municipal Mayor Hanifa P.A. Ali and Municipal Vice Mayor Mustapha M. Ali expressed their wholehearted thanks and gratitudes to the distinguished guests and visitors, the 21 barangay chairmen, their officials and constituents, the local traditional, religious and youth leaders, the different civil society and non-government organizations, the participants to the different activities, the general public who, in one way or the other, have courageously shared and did their best for the success of the peaceful week-long celebration of the 67th year of existence of the Municipality of Baloi, Lanao del Norte.

The sports and games include basketball, lawn tennis, volleyball, marathon, chess, kalilang contest, badminton, over the top, and mountain bike competition.

The other municipal officials include: Arafat A. Rascal, Mohsin I. Calandada, Muhaimin A. Rasol, Ibrahim C. Mackno, Jonaida A. Imam, Macala M. Patara, Hadji Salic A. Yahya, Qaharoddin L. Ali, members of the Sangguniang Bayan and H. Ali P. Cotongan who is the president of the Association of Barangay Captains (ABC) and SB member. The head of departments include: Nur Moustafa A. Ali, municipal administrator; Sultan Talib P. Amindato, OIC municipal treasurer; Engr. Madid M. Garlan, municipal engineer; Sultan Mohamad I. Rasol, municipal planning and development coordinator; Baguinda H. Ali, secretary to the sangguniang bayan; Rakim M. Alangca, municipal agriculturist, Dr. Johary P. Abaton, municipal health officer; Amerhassan L. Riga, municipal assessor; Omaira A. Pasandalan, ICO municipal budget officer; Salam D. Ali, local civil registrar; Nora R. Macaorao, municipal accountant; and Asral A. Maginalang, municipal social welfare and development officer. The 21 barangay Captains include: Shiek Ibrahim A. Yahya, West Poblacion; Lamrani P. Usman, East Poblacion; Yusoph T. Sulog, Abaga; Norhanifa M. Japasr, Adapun Ali; Morpie R. Asbod, Angandog (Bolao); Dalima M. Malik, Angayen; Rohaima D. Usman, Bangko; Nasroding D. Lope, Basagad (Batolacongan); Annuar M. Ali, Buenavista; Mohammad Amer U. Arumpac, Cadayonan; Hadji Ali P. Cotongan, Landa; Camar L. Saporna, Lumbac; Rubyna L. Makil, Mamaanun; Jabbar L. Ali, Maria Cristina; Sacar A. Macaraob, Matampay; Mapantas L. Mala, Nangka; Okura S. Maute, Pacalundo; Salapoding M. Disocor, Sangcad (Cormatan); Samsodin R. Balas, Sarip Alawi; and Dayamina L. Manubac, Sigayan.

The culmination program of the 67th Araw Ng Baloi had Col. Gilbert I. Gapay as guest speaker who was comprehensively introduced by Engr. Madid M. Garlan, the municipal engineer of Baloi.

In his message, Col. Gapay, commander of the 2nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade based in Iligan City lauded the achievements of the municipal officials for changing the socio-economic landscape of the municipality through innovative and inspired leadership. He said he was assigned in Baloi before, but the Baloi that he saw now is completely different because of the vast changes that have taken place under the leadership of Mayor Hanifa P.A. Ali and the previous municipal chief executives.

Col. Gapay was accorded a plague of recognition, a Moro weapon and a jewelry/treasure box called locally “baul” for his great contributions in the area of peace and security in Lanao del Norte , especially Baloi. The New Ranao Star

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