Empowering Institutions thru Local Leaders and Human Rights Training

by Lady Hanifah R. Mindalano, Contributor

The Regional Human Rights Commission, through its Lanao del Sur organizing committee, conducted a two-day training with the theme “Pangnal ko Kabunar II: A Human Rights Training for Community Leaders of First District, Lanao del Sur.”

The same program was launched sometime last year, the thrust of which is also on converging local leaders and furthering their education on human rights principles and concepts, introducing them to the rights-based approach of asserting or claiming one’s rights in a certain community, revisiting topics on the Philippine Legal system, as well as, criminal procedure vis-a-vis cases involving violations of basic human rights. 

Apart from the many other issues discussed, an overview on UN guiding principles on internal displacement, case build-up and human rights violation monitoring, and gender sensitivity were satisfactorily elucidated by a line up of inspiring, articulate, and esteemed resource speakers, to wit: Prosecutor Atty. Eldred Cole, Atty. Bai Ashrafia Biruar-Mitmug, Mr. Mike Penaloza, and Commissioner Alikhan Abuat. 

It seemed that in the thread of activities set for the representatives of the different municipalities comprising the province of Lanao del Sur, “Human Rights in Islamic Perspective” was one of the most engaging talk during the affair. 

The participants gained greater insights on the aforementioned issue, thanks to the comprehensive overview courtesy of former Mindanao State University professor, Dr. Cosain Umpa. 

The training capped off with an orientation on Bangsamoro Human Rights Membership and Partnership (BHRN) with RHRC, the end in view being to gain the continued support and commitment of the local leaders in pushing the noble causes and programs of the RHRC. 

The training was held at Dynasty Hotel, Cagayan de Oro City from 28th to 29th of May 2014.

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