Lasureco general manager Maongco signs complaint affidavit.

By Frank E. Dosdos, Jr.

The General Manager of Lanao del Sur Electric Cooperative (LASURECO) filed a Destructive Arson charge against the Mayor of Ditsaan Ramain at the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Lanao del Sur in the morning of May 19.

In his 3-page complaint affidavit sworn before Provincial Prosecutor Basari D. Mapupuno, LASURECO General Manager Sultan Ashary P. Maongco accused Ali Untao Adiong, incumbent Mayor of Ditsaan Ramain, Lanao del Sur, his Driver, a man with scars in his arm and at least 10 John Does of Destructive Arson in violation of Article 321 of the Revised Penal Code as amended by Presidential Decree No. 1613.

He stated that he was clothed with a Special Power of Attorney to file criminal, administrative and civil cases against any person or persons responsible in the burning of the JERA’s with mounted crane, bearing Plate No. RMH650 which is utilized for transporting the workers of JERA Construction, electric poles and electric distribution lines at the National Highway in Barangay Pagalungan, Ditsaan Ramain, Lanao del Sur in the morning of May 13, 2014.

He also stated that JERA Construction is working under a contract implementing the 69/13.2 KV Lines Projects jointly funded by LASURECO and the Department of Energy in the installation of concrete electric poles and distribution lines.

The accusation of Maongco was supported by the affidavit of Salapodin Baltao Macapodi, Security Guard, sworn before the City Prosecutor which stated: “That on or about 8:45 in the morning of May 13, 2014, we were parked at the National Highway in Barangay Pagalungan, Ditsaan Ramain, Lanao del Sur, escorting the truck with mounted crane of the JERA General Construction, a Contractor of the Lanao del Sur Electric Cooperative (LASURECO) together with its Supervisor Rafael B. Dioneda and ten (10) workers of JERA General Construction and waiting for the instruction of the LASURECO Project Engineers on the installation of concrete electric poles and electric distribution lines.”

“That suddenly a White Vehicle bearing a vanity or decorative plate “MAYOR” came to us and parked. The man at the front seat, who happened to be MAYOR ALI U. ADIONG, pointed at me and shouted angrily “INO KANO THAROS A DAKANO RAKN MAKAODAS” which means “why you proceed without my consent” and then immediately he alighted together with the driver and two (2) other passengers. I answered him that “KENA MAN OBA KAMI PETHAROS KA PENAYAWN KAMI SO MGA ENGINEER A LASURECO” which means that “we are not proceeding because we are waiting for the Engineers of LASURECO.” The driver shouted “DAA A RESPECTO NYO KI MAYOR” which means “You have no respect for the Mayor.” I answered back. KENA BADA A RESPECTO KATAWAN AKEN A GIYANAN SI MAYOR ADIONG” which means “Not that we have no respect because I know that he is Mayor Ali Adiong.”

“Then Mayor Adiong ordered one of his men to take out the key of the Truck-Crane. A man with scars on his arm following the order of the Mayor took the truck’s key and picked an iron bar the ramp of the truck and went to the driver side of the truck and smashed all the windshields of the truck,” Macapi further stated.

Macapodi further stated that he heard the Mayor’s driver calling someone on the cellphone. Then a few minutes later a pedicab arrived boarded by four (4) persons who immediately alighted, he said.

Macapodi continued that the Mayor said, ‘TOTONGA NYO AKI which means “Burn the truck.” Then one of the Mayor’s men took a container from the pedicab and poured its contents into the truck and set it on fire, he added.

He stated that while the truck was burning, a green MAZDA pick-up, a blue Multicab bearing “BOMBIT” markings, another light green MULTICAB van, two (2) single motorcycles and finally a Mitsubishi Pajero arrived with about 20 men some of them bearing side-arms.

Further, he said that during the height of the burning, the Mayor ordered them to leave or die so he and his men left.

Macapodi stated furthermore that they went to the PNP Provincial Headquarters in Camp Amai Pakpak but were advised to report to the Police Station of Ditsaan Ramain.

Finally, they went to the Police Station of Ditsaan Ramain and have the incident recorded on the Police Blotter.

In a press conference held at the Office of the General Manager of LASURECO after the filing of the case, Sultan Ashary P. Maongco told newsmen that they have one more eyewitness and three corroborative witnesses to the said incident.

Earlier, Mayor Adiong categorically denied any involvement in the incident.

He told the media he was disappointed that it happened in his municipality which since time immemorial has never been involved in any kind of criminal activity much more arson.

He said he organized a fact finding team to conduct an investigation.


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