Marawi City

The community knew so well that Marinaut I and II elementary schools had passed through seemingly unending misunderstanding among the schools’ benefactors. But since Principal Asmalin Basman Mangata assumed the leadership of Marinaut I Elementary School in June 2013, despite the many problems of the school she inherited, she has always seen to it that a cool and low-profiled educational administration is maintained.

Despite her being daughter of a prominent family in the locality, she has always placed the interest of the school, its teachers and staff and its pupils over personal and family interest. She believes if there has been any disagreement it is a little bit sort of misunderstanding of family circle.

In an exclusive interview, Asmalin recalled how she first assumed as principal of Marinaut I. It had practically nothing in terms of facilities that would provide convenient learning atmosphere. She lamented as she showed earlier photos of the school that everything was damaged, unusable, including walls. It was a pity.

She had to spend her own little money to renovate important facilities or else it would in no way look like a school. Today, it has a library, a stage, a flagpole, a comfort room, a hand washing area, and others.

She said that one of her school’s immediate needs are arm chairs. She hoped the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) particularly the Department of Education (DepEd) will extend assistance to Marinaut I as it badly needs these facilities.

She knows there is so much politics behind this situation that has been existing before she became the principal but she always dealt on it with an open positive attitude. She said it would not take long before things will be properly in place.

Marinaut I is under the jurisdiction of the East District of Marawi City schools division. Dr. Roca Jalillah M. Dimal is the district supervisor. Mona Macatanong is the schools division superintendent.

Marinaut I had forty one teachers before. “Because it was divided into two – Marinaut I and Marianut II – Marinaut main school became short of teachers and students because most of them were transferred to Marinaut II,” said Principal Asmalin.

It only seemed unfair to Asmalin as Marinaut I is the original main Marinaut school, she was left only a few teachers and students while most were given to Marinaut II.

It shall be recalled that the founder of Marinaut I Elementary School were Asmalin’s parents – the late Atty. Abbas Basman and Bae Omelkhair Macabando Basman – who are all former Marawi city mayors.

The Basmans worked for the establishment of the school after parents and teachers in the community asked the couple to establish a school in the community to help their children and youth acquire better education in their own community.

Ranao Star

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