Maranao community joins global Muslims on ‘Eid-el-Adh’ha

Shariff Ahmad Al-Yamani
Marawi City

The Maranao community in the Homeland and elsewhere is joining billions of Muslims all over the world to celebrate ‘Eid-el-Adh’ha or Feast of Sacrifice on the 10th of Dul-Hijjah in the Muslim’s lunar calendar which falls on October 15 in the Gregorian Calendar this year.

The commemoration of the ‘eid culminates the performance of the rituals of the Haj. It is among the two great Islamic festivals. The other one is ‘Eid-el-Fitr following the last day of Muslims’ fasting during the month of Ramadhan.

The Haj (annual pilgrimage to Mecca) and Saum-ul-Ramadhan (Fasting during Ramadhan) are two important pillars of the Muslims’ Faith which are obligatory upon the believers.

The ‘eid adh’ha is commemorated in connection with the commandment of God to his prophet Ibrahim (as) to slaughter his son Ishmail (sa) in the Ka’abah if he wanted really to finish the construction of Ka’abah. 

Prophet Ibrahim (sa) prayed to the Almighty that he would do anything God would ask him if He would help him to finish the construction of what is now the most important shrine in Islam.

And scriptures said the angels came down to Prophet Ibrahim (as) and told him Allah had asked him to slaughter his beloved son Ishmael (as) if he (Ibrahim) was truly obedient to his God.

To make the story short, Prophet Ibrahim (as) did that but by the grace of Allah, instead of slaughtering Ishmael, the angels were commanded by Allah to bring in place of Ishmael. and was saved.

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