Mas Yahya’s Looking Back

The MSU presidency

Dr. Macapado Muslim, the energetic and dynamic president of the Mindanao State University (MSU) System, will soon step down from the leadership of the university – and if word in the air be true, at the end of this year, or eventually later as his term will inevitably end pursuant to law.

This corner commends his performance as MSUS president. His contribution to the university is remarkable. None of his predecessor could claim his achievement as better than that of Muslim’s.

He cannot be left behind in terms of providing quality education to the studentry geared toward attaining academic excellence; his education management expertise gains the respect of his peers not only in the country but even abroad; the extension campuses are being in place to the better; the over-all rating of their passers in government examinations is appreciable. Indeed, as an academician, Moslim deserves a good place in the heart.

The only thing that Muslim is not able to realize is the stopping of the proliferation of illegal construction within the MSU main campus. Some said illegal construction also happens in other MSU campuses but not as huge as what is done in the main. But of course, this is one problem that none of his predecessor had ever addressed to.

Another ironical reality in the university is the existence of small sub-standard private schools inside its very center. How could it be established inside the vicinity of MSU which has the most complete facilities, manpower and teaching staff in the entire province if not the whole of Mindanao. I beg to be excused but from a layman’s point of view, we believe the existence of those schools is illegal.

We don’t blame Muslim for the proliferation of those illegal buildings and of those private schools. First, they were already there before him; and second, it is part of an intricate culture on ancestral domain that not even the powers that be are able to effectively and methodically extricate. The thousands of hectares of land where MSU main is located is an ancestral domain of the good Marawians.

There are also other reported inimical situations in the state university, either openly visible or not, which MSU authorities seem helpless to tackle. There were also complaints of tuition fee hikes and increase of other school charges that forced many poor students to discontinue their studies because of financial difficulty. But nevertheless, we don’t blame Moslim for all those unwanted conditions. Maybe, for some reasons or the other, it is for the good of the university, and its constituents.

And, too, we don’t blame all previous presidents of MSU for failing to address these problems.

We only wish he, or his predecessors, had laid down innovative measures to minimize if not totally eradicate these bad conditions.

And now that Muslim will, sooner or later, step down from the MSU presidency, names of many applicants for the post are beginning to surface this early. And PNoy Aquino as president of the Republic will soon appoint a new MSU president.

Hence, we could not help but pray that PNoy will appoint as MSU president a person who is not only academically and administratively qualified, but also hails from Marawi so much better if he hails from those host barangays of MSU, and who has the courage and political will to truly effect reform, and one who belongs to well-respected noble families in Marawi who commands the respect of the MSU constituents to abide with such reforms, programs for the betterment of MSU, and the attainment of its very objectives.

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